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e-bike Riding Advice


The tyres of our ebikes have been filled with a sealant so that if you get a minor puncture the tube will seal itself and you should not need to replace the tube. If this happens you will notice a substance like sunscreen spraying out but this will quickly stop as the sealant does it’s work.
If you do have to change a tube, please let us know on your return so that we can replenish your repair kit and check the tyres etc.

Using Gears

You will maximise the performance of the ebike if you use the bikes gears in conjunction with the power modes. This means using the gears as you normally would when cycling so change down for hills and change up when you are riding comfortably at speed and boost your power up or down accordingly.
Most ebikes have a range in lowest power setting of between 90-120 km. Monitor the display on your bike to see what power you have remaining in your battery.

Error Messages

AVANTI ebikes may occasionally give you an error message if you start off with the power mode on as opposed to in neutral (no power mode selected) or if you attempt to switch on after you start pedalling. Our advice with an Avanti bike is to switch on the power before you start pedalling and start off in neutral, then once pedalling, move to your chosen power setting. If you do get the error message, switch off and start again.
You may also see an error message if your speed indicator (located on a spoke on the rear wheel) has moved and is incorrectly orientated so that it cannot read the speed. When correctly oriented, it faces in an east west direction.

Other problems

Some Ebikes do not have a fixed control unit but have one that sits in a holder. If the power unit won’t boot up, just check that it is sitting correctly/firmly in the holder and that all leads are well connected.


Please always lock your bikes together and secured to something be it a pole or a fence or bike rack. Please avoid putting the locks through the wheel spokes as this may cause damage to the spokes.

Scott Ebikes

When inserting the battery, listen for the click to ensure it is properly seated. You may have to move the wires top left slightly out of the way.

Hybrid Bikes Charging

The batteries should not be removed from the bikes unless absolutely necessary as they are difficult to remove and replace.