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e-bike Lingo

Battery Capacity Battery capacity is measured in watt hours or wh. Our Bikes have wh capacity of between 400wh, 500wh and 1025 wh.
Charge Cycle Recharging the Battery. Most Batteries take around 4 hrs to recharge. An E Bike Battery should be good for over 1000 charges
Controller The Bike’s Brain. Connects the electronic parts of the Bike, battery, motor, torque sensor, cadence sensor, power mode and pulls current from the battery to the motor
Display LCD or LED Display that can show battery charge level, speed, current mode, distance travelled, average speed, time elapsed etc
Mid Drive Motor These are mounted near the bottom bracket in the centre of gravity of the bike. All of our bikes are mid drive.
Newtons The amount of torque. The more Newtons the more power and the quicker the discharge of the battery. Bike Newtons can range from 40 Newtons to 85 Newtons
Pedal Assist The motor helps you pedal. Unless you pedal the motor will not help you. You must pedal and the harder you push the more assistance the motor will give you
Transmission Bikes run through a derailleur system of gear changes. Use the gears correctly otherwise you will run the battery flat faster.
Range Range is the distance you can go before you use up all the stored energy in the battery. Range is affected by many factors such as:

·      Weight of Rider

·      Weight of the baggage

·      Surface of the trail, tar seal against gravel

·      Wind direction and speed

·      Incline (steepness)

·      Battery capacity

·      Mode the bike is ridden in

Range Indicator The controller gives a “guestimate” of the range remaining in the Bike at any given time. Our experience is that these “guestimates” can be wildly inaccurate. It is better to look at the battery charge level for an indication of how much power is available.
Modes (Power levels) By using the Controller, you can adjust the level of power assist. However the higher the power level you choose the quicker you will discharge the battery and so reduce the range. Depending on the type of bike this will be:

·      ECU – TOUR – SPORT – TURBO for the Bosch Powered Bikes

·      1, 2,3,4,5 for the Hybrid

·      1, 2, 3 for the Shimano powered Avantis

Walk Mode Handy feature that provides some assist power to the back wheel when you are walking the bike up a hill.
Range Anxiety Fear of running out of battery before you finish your ride